A Covid-safe way to connect people, transforming streets into magical outdoor galleries.


Neston Window Wanderland is a beautiful and magical community display of window art, brightening up our streets and homes during the dark winter nights.

For the Window Wanderland, decorate your house, flat, window, gates, or caravan with lights.  We'll be sharing videos with you to help you with ideas for your displays.  You'll then be able to share your window creations with us and some will be uploaded to the site for people to see. We will also add street names so that families can then safely wander in their own time, to marvel at the Christmas creativity on show locally. Neston will also have its very own pin on the national Window Wanderland map


Window Wanderland

Zoom class will be held on Wednesday 18th November, 5-6pm.
Contact for your Zoom code


CH64 Window Wonderland  

Christmas star



This is an accessible community arts project for all ages to create a beautiful and uplifting trail of lit window displays throughout the town and neighborhoods.

Families, groups, shops, and businesses create their own window designs, to be lit and displayed to coincide with the Switch On event on 28th November 2020 in a mass celebration.

Window designs can be small & simple, or large & elaborate. They must be bright, well lit, and visible from the street and on the theme of togetherness and sharing at Christmas.


Make it simple or elaborate


Simple, easy to use, inexpensive


Easily, with a lamp or room light

How To

Christmas sparkle

●The best thing to use as a canvas is tracing paper

●Use coloured tissue paper for ‘colouring in’ your design - simple bold designs work best!

●Use sugar paper to block out the light in areas where you want to create silhouettes

●Create the display on any flat surface, like on a table, then hang it up - simple!

●Use dry glue, like Pritt stick straight onto the tracing paper to stick the tissue or sugar paper down

●Use clear tape to stick your creation to the window

●Use brightly coloured pens to work into your design on paper

Light it Up!
Christmas Sparkle

●The way you light your creation depends on what size it is and where you put it

●If it is small in relation to the window, place a small lamp behind it and frame with your curtains

●If it is large i.e. covers the whole window, simply turn on the light in the room

Ways to get


1. Kits with materials will be available for distribution or collection from designated places 

2. We will be sharing step-by-step How-To guides

3. Sign up to take part in a Zoom session to create your window wander wonder!

4.  Go Freestyle! You can create your own design at home and make a Window Wonderland to remember

Share the Trail

Participants and the Public tag & share photographs of their own and their favourite window wonders throughout the season.